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Half Way Report Back 30 Day Challenge Part III


We are half way though the 30 Day Challenge and after our half way point weigh and measure here is some feedback. Yesterday I also asked the participants what they thought of the "everything in moderation" thing, and they responded and I have shared their feedback here too. If you didn't read the blog yesterday, please go back and read that before you read the participant comments below. They will make much more sense to you if you do. Click here to go back.

Participant nutritional commitment and half way challenge results:

Cheryl, Aurora, Canada is replacing sugar, white carbs and wheat. 
"The Everything in Moderation blog is interesting and very true – where you give your example – I AM a have one bite, square, piece of Chocolate and put it away. It has made me realize though that there are other things that I cannot!" - Cheryl
Jan, Pennsdale, PA. is replacing soda, white carbs and "limiting" coffee to two cups per day. 

"I have exercised 6 days a week and I have stayed in range all week, but I have had a few more “white episodes” than makes me happy. I will just continue going on, making the best choices I can. Actually, even caring about being in range is a major feat for me, much less 11 days of it." - Jan

Elisabeth, San Carlos, Mexico is replacing wheat. 

" Being focused makes all the difference this time around."-Elisabeth
"I see this every time I drive home from town" - Elisabeth

 Day 15, weight 137.3 - 0.7 lost ( Note: Elisabeth lost over 10 pounds on the last challenge and is at her goal weight)
 "I know I do best "all or nothing" but I have found out that I can stick my "allowed" portion of previously though trigger foods. Yes, I can have 1 square of chocolate without eating the whole bar, I can have 1 oz of low salt potato chips without eating the whole bag etc. I like structure and I like having a plan, menu or someone telling me what to do.  I can be creative within that but I need guidelines. Oh the things we learn about ourselves..."- Elisabeth

Heather,Williams Lake, BC. replacing ‘whites’ (rice, flour and sugar) as well as most carbs 

Sheila, Cape Town, South Africa, "I will focus on reducing carbs & sodium. No substitutes. Try to eliminate chocolate in all guises" 

 "Sometimes I do best if I keep temptation out of my fridge, out of my house, as moderation doesn't always work for me" - Sheila

Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia 
 "Moderation doesn't work for me either. Out of sight
out of mind" - Anna
Broadwater where I go for my walks. the background is looking towards Main Beach, Gold Coast.

Crystal, Regina, Canada, is replacing white carbs and soda.

  Lost 1 lb and 1/2 inch.
"Moderation screws us up by definition in my opinion. As Claire said - what exactly does that mean - my moderation and your moderation may be, likely will be, different. Moderation for someone might be 1 square of a chocolate bar, or only 1 oz of cheese. For someone else it might be half a chocolate bar or 2 oz of cheese. The definition comes from looking at the actual calorie count of the item, our calorie intake for the day, what our activity level is, what are triggers are, and how our body feels.

The key is to actually define it for yourself AND to recognize the triggers that don't apply. For instance - moderation and potato chips don't go together for me. Unless someone only hands me 2 chips and there are NO MORE ANYWHERE AROUND I'll just keep snacking - regardless of my mantra, my brain or anything else. Things that aren't my triggers, like oooey gooooey sweets - I can handle moderation. If I want something sweet, I can actually usually have just a bit of someone else's or a very small taste and I'm good. I can do the moderation dance with many things, but not with all. The ones that cause me to fall off the waggon I have to make a decision - omit it totally, or accept that if I try it, I'd better be willing to likely pig out. Some days that's actually ok - but most not.

The other side is to know what not to have in moderation - like lettuce! I treat myself by reminding myself, even if it's not my fav thing, that I can have as much as I can possibly want - or fill myself with. I remind myself that I don't have to say no to everything, I don't have to be moderate in everything. The key is to knowing myself, what will be available and to plan whether it will be NOOOOOO, just a little - or as much as I can handle.

Everything in moderation is easy to say, but it still takes planning, commitment and mindfulness to pull off." - Crystal
Chicken with black bean sauce. Absolutely delicious.  Protein and veggies with just a little salt.
No white carbs are lurking either.

Bonnie, Toronto, Canada. "I am cutting out coffee, dairy, sugar and soft drinks." 

 "I am getting lots of exercise snorkeling and walking the beach - my favorite kind!" - Bonnie

June, Dewdney BC is replacing Sugar, white carbs and wheat. 

"Feeling good about life in general, that is good." - June 
"Often I need to abstain completely. I do hold the ideal that moderation is better than all or none, but don't have what it takes to do that yet. The trouble with all or none is that it sometimes builds up a huge craving followed by a crash or binge. I am not giving up learning to be moderate, that is my ultimate "when I finally grow up" goal.. However when I need results and to set a direction, all or none works for me right now." - June

Betty, from Vancouver Island, BC is replacing sugar, white carbs, soft drinks and most dairy. 
"I think it’s going well, I’ve kind of kept it up since January. The weight is slow to come off but I notice other areas slimming down so I’m not too concerned with the weight number." 
"Re: moderation – I’ve always been pretty good at practising that when it comes to most things. I guess I could improve on that when it comes to the red wine but I’m working on it." -Betty
Allan, Williams Lake, BC. Replacing White carbs

Beth, Pittsburgh, PA. "My two replacements are SUGAR and SOFT DRINKS." 

  " I'm Still continuing to get in some exercise every day." -Beth

Dena in Wilsonville, OR."Dairy, alcohol and white carbs are what I will be replacing for the challenge." 

Ishii, Orem, UT  "
I am cutting back on caffeine, the green tea helps alot.  I am only drinking two cups of coffee in the morning. I cut out most grains and I decided to give up bread. I am also trying to cut out sugar."

  "I think my pants are loser and I feel better after cutting down on caffeine and trying to get in more intense exercise." -Ishii
Nicole,Washington,Seattle is replacing white carbs and sugar. 

 "I believe I have found my Moderation Rx, and I think this challenge has really helped me to do it. I already knew that when I plan my meals (and follow the plan), I do not crave crap or shove the first thing I see - and lots of it - into my mouth. I also already knew that when I eat fruit with every meal, I crave sugar way less --- almost not at all. But, in the past, I've slipped up once and then that was it. I tried to give myself a treat and the whole thing went out the window. This month, however, I've stuck to my guns, I've made delicious, healthy meals, eaten fruit with every meal, and on the one day I used a "get out of jail free card," I ate a salad first and, after the slice of cake, I was done and haven't looked back. Well, maybe I glanced, but in the past I would have U-turned and, all of that is to say that my Moderation Rx consists of mostly nothing, with an occasional special treat, which can only be achieved with prior planning and following a plan. " - Nicole

Livia, Auckland, New Zealand: "I'm going to cut out soft drinks and sugar." 

"Good news is I've been really sticking to the exercise and feel much better for it..."- Livia

Mallory, Toronto replacing white Carbs (no exceptions) and Soft drinks! 

  "Everything in moderation has really helped me this time actually, I am pushing myself to work hard and stay motivated, but I have indulged in a nice piece of dark chocolate and savoured it! in moderation!" - Mallory

"Got one of my first compliments from a co worker today! Down inches and feeling great! Energy and mood are a huge part of this transformation and hard work."- Mallory

Melony Teague, Toronto is replacing sugar and wheat, and is keeping coffee intake down to 2 cups a day. 

"I'm down a pound and lost a few inches, but the main thing is that I am learning about foods that do not agree with my body. I have discovered that grains, and not just wheat do not seem to do me much, good and causes a degree of inflammation and bloating. The next step is to isolate them and identify if there are some I can tolerate more than others, but for now the decision is to add GRAINS to my nutritional challenge. I am optimistic that I will see greater results in the next 15 days." - Melony

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