Monday, 11 March 2013

30 Day Challenge participants get up to some fun stuff!


Here are some things we have been doing to stay active:

Cheryl, Aurora, Canada
  • Curling, walking, swimming
Jan, Pennsdale, PA 
  • Walking; elliptical. 
 Jan says, " I live in a small little place with not a lot going on or aerial shots, but Williamsport, PA is the home of Little League World Series. The end of August every year this place is crawling with people from all over the world for the kids to compete for the World Series Title."
Wilma, Brandon, Canada
Elisabeth, San Carlos, Mexico

  •   25 min Yoga sessions, dumbbell side bends
Heather, Williams Lake, BC.
  • On her feet all day.
Sheila, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Neighborhood Walks and collecting Spring Water so a bit of Stregnth Training;1 hour Pilates and 1 hour BodyWorz; 2 hours exercise FuseBall and Boxing; 60 minutes of Aqua Fit and another 60 walking, gardening
Anna, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia
  •  30 minute walks;  did Greek dancing for over an hour; Did upper arm dumbbell video
" I went to see 'The Impossible' and there mush have been 100 stairs down to the basement. I had to do it twice as I had left my card upstairs and had to go up and come down again. Phew. My legs certainly got a workout."
Crystal, Regina, Canada
  • strength exercise with weights; 20 minutes of playing XBox with my kids - and yes, it was actually a work out!

"The barn dates back to the early 1900.  It's one of my favorite things, even if it is falling down."

"I shoveled out the dog kennel and played in the snow with my canine pals.This guy caught almost every shovelful of snow- his favourite game next to fetching sticks. His face is still snow covered." - Crystal.

Bonnie, Toronto, Canada
June, Dewdney BC

  • Rowing Maching, Strength Training, Running, walking, swimming, hiking, snow shoeing.
She wrote: "I feel really good, I have been doing a lot of cardio and not enough ST for a while, I think that is a recipe for injury. Just doing ST twice so far this week has made me feel awesome. This challenge has helped me focus to apply changes I have been thinking about for a while." 
Betty, from Vancouver Island, BC
  • Pilates 2 x/week and yoga, walking

     Betty wrote, "...went for a really nice long walk on Wickaninnish Beach this weekend. It’s about ten minutes from where I live, located in the Pacific Rim National Park. I do have to say though that I did use my get out of jail free card this weekend. I had a dinner party for 10 as some good friends were in town visiting..."
Allan, Williams Lake, BC.
Beth, Pittsburgh, PA    

  • Elliptical, Gym
She wrote,"I logged over 12,000 steps yesterday thanks to a beautiful day!"
Dena Lewis in Wilsonville, OR.
Ishii, Orem, UT

  •   A 15 min dog walk today, yesterday was a 15 min dog walk and a 2.75 mile run.
Nicole,Washington,Seattle -
  •  15 mins yoga ;30 mins hiking in the forest. More hiking...snow shoveling.
Livia, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 20min Jillian Michels workout, walking
Mallory, Toronto 
  • Weights, Pilates, Gym work outs, Yoga.
Melony Teague, Toronto 
  • Dumbell Strength training, treadmill walking/running, shoveling snow.

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