Saturday, 30 March 2013

We did it, Day 30 is here!

Congratulations to all the 30 Day Participants who have reached day 30!

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Today is day 30 and that means that participants will be weighing and measuring and sending me their feedback by EMAIL

We have had the 3 Piece Snacks from the TOBT team and I have enjoyed each one! 

My personal nutritional commitment of replacing grains and all white carbs has paid off. Sugar intake was minimal.

I am particularly thankful to each one for helping me to stay accountable this month and I have seen the results:
I lost 3.2 pounds in the month of March (30 Days)
One inch gone from my waist.
1/4 inch gone from my hips.
1/4 inch gone from my neck!
 1 /14 inches gone from my calf, I guess the calf raises were working!
Upper arm I lost 1/2 inch.
1/4 inch came off on my thigh (upper).
The biggest change was the mid thigh measurement: 3 1/4 inches off! WOW!
Chest I lost 1/4 inch.
 Ribs I lost 1 1/2 inches.
on the abdomen (belly button ) I lost 3/4 of an inch. Ankle and knee measurements were the only ones that were the same.

I look forward to posting the feedback and results of the other participants as they come in!

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